Thursday, April 26, 2007

long week

it's been a loooooong and haaaaaard last two weeks for me. Mostly because of work. At this moment, exactly two weeks ago, one of my co-workers yelled all kinds of hateful things to me right here in the office. I thought he was going to hit me! And now I'm working with him and these other two guys - and they all hate me. It comes out constantly in passive-aggressive ways. However, the Boss Man thinks I'm doing a terrific job, and is wondering if he shouldn't can all the rest of them. (He won't - he's got no balls.)

My wife leaves tomorrow for a trip outta town. She won't be back until Sunday. My mom will be helping me with the kids - since it's Spring Break, my 5 yr old will be home all week, but so will my mom since she works for the school. So I'll be at home some and at work some. So this will be an interesting week.

I saw The Passion a week ago from last Friday (2/27). It's a very good movie. For you Christians out there: it's a great movie for you to really kinda "be there" for what Jesus did. For you non-Christians out there: I don't think you'll get it. There's a whole lotta context in which this movie is set, and without it a non-Christian just won't understand why the Romans and Jews killed this guy who was supposed to be this really nice and wonderful person.

I've learned a lot lately about the political situation in Jersualem when Jesus was killed. It filled a gap in my understanding of what happened, and why, in a non-theological sense, Jesus was killed. Very very cool stuff. I'll write it up sometime this week and post it all.

Anyway, for those few of you who check in with me on occasion... thanks!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Good morning blog world!

How I love my weekends. With the Boy Child gone, I sleep in the nude. I woke up at 8, decided it was too early to get up, and masturbated. Then I went back to sleep until 11:30. Schweet.

Pilot never called last night, so I assume his date went VERY well. Good for him. Maybe I'll hear from him via phone or email over the weekend if he doesn't have his daughter.

However, Arrogant Alpha Male DID call me last night. He is so funny. He calls me at the end of his work day once in a while, saying how tired he his, how he has to stop burning the candle at both ends, start eating healthy, stop going out drinking all night and working hard all day. Then last night he goes out and calls me from the bathroom to say hi, half drunk. He tells me, "K, do you know how badly I want you? On the fuckability scale, you're a 10." Smiles!

See, I had been in my office until about 8:30, stopped by the grocery store on the way home, and arrived in my apartment to fix a quick dinner (i.e., microwave some Lean Pockets) around 10. My only plans were to check in on email and my favorite blogs (that number has climbed to nearly 50 although I only have a handful listed in my sidebar) and hit the hay to go into the office again today. So of course, having a hot guy call me and say I top out on fuckability is going to make my night.

He went on a little about how he could take me to all kinds of wonderful places, which I took with a grain of salt, knowing that most of the time he can't even take me to lunch because of his schedule, but it didn't make me feel any less desired.

Which reminds me, we finally have a definition of fuckbuddy here from Trust Tyler. Thank you! Yes, a fuckbuddy is not what I want if it cannot involve phone calls about my day, or if I can't share with him stuff about the guys I am considering dating. Friend with benefits is much closer. Then again, I like the term lover. I just don't want a boyfriend. As for the emotional potential thing ... I am inconsistent on this. If I have to stick with a position on emotional potential, let me say that I just want him to be into me when he's with me, not thinking of someone he can't have and using my body to help him over it. I'm a passionate person and if I get swept up in the moment with a good friend, I want to be forgiven for that rather than freaked out on. I want rules, and I want to be with someone who knows himself well enough to know he will stick by the boundaries as well.

Enough of that. Suffice it to say that I think Arrogant Alpha Male will get the job done and that I'm pretty hopeful my dry spell will come to an end soon. In many ways, he's very much like D, but without the "love" complications, and that really does work for me right now.

I also had a nice chat online last night with my best friend A, who is planning her second wedding later this year, to a guy headed down the aisle for the first time. She showed me a picture of her ring (my reaction being "holy fuck!" and her response being "I know!") and mentioned that they had appointments at five different reception areas today. I think she needs a BIG FAT DICKS vacation from the wedding stuff - he is way overboard on it and her tendency is to go low-key - and I wonder if there will be some girlfriends fun in my future soon. We're already talking Vegas for a bachelorette party, so maybe for now, escaping to SoCal, New Orleans, or somewhere in Florida for sun, fun, and no wedding talk. As long as I can scrape up the cash. That is one of my faults - as thrifty as I am, I will spend money I don't have on quality time with friends.

So, it's nearly 2 PM here and I'll go run into the office and crank out some work for the next six hours or so. Tonight is "See Her Squirt" night. I have to do some cleaning and laundry, but also color my hair (too much grey for 34!), tweeze my brows, and, uh, do some bushwhacking. It would be a perfect opportunity to pull out the digital camera and take some naughty pictures if I currently had a lover to give a Valentine's Day gift to. But seeing as how I want to scoot past Monday and straight into Tuesday like it didn't exist, I'm loathe to do anything that will make me acknowledge it.

Hope you all are having a more exciting weekend. Even more pathetic, I hope you'll all blog about it so that I can have something to look forward to!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

the beginning of it all

When I started writing the Law School Wire, my one goal was to gain admission into a Law School. Now that I have achieved (and surpassed, I might add) that aim, I've been feeling less enthusiastic about blogging. But now I suddenly find myself ready to blog again.

What I'll do today, dear reader, is update you on the standing of my batch of law school applications. Basically, after I sent in my 300 dollar deposit to confirm my acceptance at Queen's, I closed my applications at the remaining law schools. I started with the two Ontario schools that I had yet to hear from. Prior to withdrawing my application, my status at Western was unknown as I was neither accepted, rejected or waitlisted; meanwhile, Osgoode had put my file on hold as they were still waiting for my final grades. I assume that Western was probably also waiting for my final grades. After dealing with the Ontario schools, I closed my file at UBC, which had sent me a letter informing me of my being waitlisted. Before I had a chance to close my file at Dalhousie, I received a phone call and email from them in May asking if I'd be interested in an interview. It was going to be held in downtown Vancouver at a law firm and would cost me 60 bucks. I told them I wasn't interested, and that they might as well close my file.

My little law school admission journey is pretty much complete. During this whole process, I've learned a good deal concerning admissions at the various Canadian law schools. I have read a lot of info on black cocks white sluts, done my research into most of the Canadian common law schools, communicated with admissions personnel and fellow applicants, learned from current law students, and gained the type of knowledge one only gains through experience. I plan to devote my upcoming blog posts to admission info on each common law school in Canada. I'll probably start with the West and move my way with each post towards the East.